Hever Castle Triathlon September 2019

Well, the curtain finale to the triathlon season was held at Hever Castle, and for most of the Westcroft Improvers group this was their opportunity to shine in their respective events, or at least promote their media stardom with exhaustive posing at any clicking camera.

This meant an early rise on a damp Saturday morning with the splendid view of the Hever Castle Lake in the foreground. Eli not only got the show on the road being part of the first wave to enter the silty water, but managed to set the tone by racing around the circuit. Eli achieved the second fastest female place in her age category, (which btw is Category: Young).

Next in the water was Malc, Dave and Kelly. There was a delay however in the 2nd wave starting off as a certain pair had to pose as the “Faces of Hever Triathlon” before those competitors, freezing cold in the lake were allowed to compete. Not bitter.

This delay understandably affected some poor soul’s performance. Though it didn’t stop the ever competitive Kelly from performing heroics and achieving a top 3 female place in her age group category, as well as a modelling contract for castle triathlons. Dave Williams also shone with a sprint finish at the end having conquered the cheeky hills around the course.

There was more drama between the females in their event. Jen had reminded Jo that camping in her tent may be dependent on concessions being made during their event. Jo however gambled on Jens good nature. Both swam fast in their wave but Jo fought tooth and nail to cross the finish line just seconds ahead of Jen, who had closed the gap to metres. Jen thought she would have the last laugh by convincing Jo that if she was in as many selfies as she could, she may win another medal. Jo is very competitive.

Anissa finished strongly in the next set, despite feeling poorly, she was determined and showed a great all round performance. Credit to her for sticking to it while being unwell.

Sam represented Westcroft in the Duathlon and not only managed to smile while competing but also managed to be interviewed and videoed by a media crew. But the girl power did not end there. The most exuberant celebration over the line was awarded to Vicky who looked ecstatic to have finished. Either that or Vicky had seen the cake and sweet stalls awaiting.

Helen did astoundingly well in her swim event surpassing all expectations while swimming in tricky conditions with parts of the lake covered in weeds. Helen continued undeterred and enjoyed the whole affair posting an extremely fast time.

The Scotts both crossed the line in good time but one must always have the upper hand, and this one, accomplished a podium finish having been awarded the top lady in her age category. Bravo Sharon!

The Saturday events were all completed and the Westcroft members all congregated to congratulate each other on their individual achievements. Some of us camped that evening so the festivities continued on well into the night.

The campers then headed to Hever the next morning to continue supporting those that had entered the toughest event. The type of event fit for men of iron. The conditions were tough with muddy tracks to tackle, slippery roads to navigate and enough rain to make even Dave Clark’s hair curl.

Having seen how well the ladies had done on the Saturday the men were hell bent on doing their best.

So they successfully petitioned to shorten the race down to a more manageable distance and gave it their all. All credit to those competing in that event. Hours of pain and toil but I am sure it all felt worth it in the end. I am also sure we will all be there next year, some of us have to try and retain titles, podium places and modelling contracts.

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