Tracey’s Triathlon Training Camp Triumph

Tracey and I have just returned from a week at Les Stables, a triathlon training camp in France’s Dordogne region. You may be aware that Tracey likes swimming but doesn’t really ‘do’ triathlon and she was expecting to spend the week relaxing in the sunshine, feeling rather out of place.…..

Les Stables is run by Mark and Sibs, better known as the couple behind the Pacesetter team that run events such as the Dambuster and Vitruvian triathlons. The venue has everything a triathlete could want - running track, challenging off road run routes, quiet roads with bike-friendly motorists, 25 metre pool and open water river swimming. It caters for 20 athletes in shared 6 berth or 4 berth apartments, each double room having its own shower/toilet.

On most days there was either a run or bike ride in the morning with a swim session in the afternoon. Video analysis in the pool is done on the first and last days. Coaching is provided by Mark and Sibs, with the emphasis on improving technique rather than hammering out the distances.

Tracey took part in all the swim sessions and was helped by Sibs to make some radical changes to her stroke. She loved the beautiful morning swim to the local village for a breakfast of pastries and coffee, despite the 11C water. And she cycled 60km on a road bike despite never riding one before. She even practiced riding with cleats!

So, if you fancy combining a holiday in the French countryside with making improvements to your run/bike/swim, I recommend Les Stables.

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