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Triathlon Types and Distances


All triathlons are not created equal. Races are broken down into four basic distances, with courses and culture making each one a unique challenge. The following list shows approximate guidelines for the four distances — your triathlon might be slightly shorter or longer, but this is a good general guide:



0.5km to 0.75km swim (0.3 to 0.5 mile), 20km to 22km bike (12.4 to 13 miles), and 5km run (3.1 miles). Super sprints are slightly shorter races: 0.4km swim (0.25 mile), 10km bike (6.2 miles) and 2.5km run (1.5 miles). The sprint is the most popular distance in the sport. Beginning triathletes most often select sprint distances as their first events.



1.5km swim (0.9 mile), 40km bike (24.9 miles), and 10km run (6.2 miles). The official distance of the Olympic event, this event requires a good fitness base.


Half Iron:

1.9km swim (1.2 miles), 90km bike (55.9 miles), and 21km run (13 miles). Half Iron events are far more challenging than the shorter distances and sometimes are used as qualifiers for Ironman triathlons. Don't attempt a race at this distance until you've competed in sprint or Olympic events.



3.8km swim (2.4 miles), 180km bike (111.8 miles), and 42km run (26.2 miles — a marathon). Each of the legs alone in this event challenges even the experienced endurance athlete. Train for an Ironman distance only after you've had experience in shorter races and completed at least one Half Iron.


About the Club and Triathlon


Westcroft Triathlon Club is a new club to the borough that hopes to increase participation on the fastest growing sport in the country. The club is supported by Everyone Active, Triathlon England and Sutton Runners.



The initial programme is aimed to offer training to members of all abilities to help them improve their performance in the sport. The club is just starting and looking for new members that would be interested in taking part in the training sessions and also helping develop the club by volunteering to help it sustain itself.

Below are some frequently asked questions that might be able to answer any questions you have about the club. If you have any other questions please email:


Frequently Asked Question’s


How do I become I member?


In order to join the club members will be required to fill in the club membership form. Memebeship is £10 for juniors and £15 for adults. All members that wish to take part in the running element of the programme will be required to pay £21/ year to Sutton Runners. 


What are the benefits of being a member of the club?


Club membership entitles you to a host of benefits:        

•    Reduced Membership to British Triathlon which gives your educed entry fee’s on many races.

•    Reduced membership rates with Everyone Active (£34.65/month instead of £42.95, dates accurate at time of printing).

•    Regular e mails and correspondence relating to Triathlons.

•    Free access to weekly indoor Spin Session.

•    Social events

•    Entry to club races


What extra costs are involved?


All swimming sessions are incorporated into the Everyone Active Masters swim sessions at Westcroft Leisure Centre and Cheam Leisure Centre. These sessions are free to pre pay members or up to £5.50 for non members. 

The running sessions are included in the annual fee of £21 payable to Sutton Runners. There is a charge for the Monday night sessions, however this is minimal.

The Club Ride on a Saturday morning is free, please follow the guidelines on the membership document to maximise the enjoyment of these rides. The indoor cycling session on a Wednesday evening is free to all Club Members.


Are there sessions suited to Juniors?


We have a Junior session on a Friday evening at Westcroft from 6.00pm-8.00pm. These sessions are for children aged 8-16 years. The sessions start in the pool and then participants go to the gym to work on cycling and running. These sessions are £5 each and are payable at reception.

Is Westcroft Triathlon Club a registered Triathlon Club?

Yes, the club is registered and insured through Triathlon England. All coached sessions are led by experienced, qualified coaches with experience of triathlons as well as Swimming, running and cycling events.


What standard do you need to be to complete each session?


If you are new to Triathlon we would recommend the Friday Evening training session. These sessions are designed to those interested in started their triathlon career, developing confidence, fitness and skills in all disciplines to enable you to take the next step on your training.

All other sessions throughout the week will be suitable for all levels of fitness


What standard do you need to be to join the club?


All standards of triathlete are welcome, from complete novices to seasoned pros. All ages and genders are welcome and each session will be adapted to your fitness level and skills by our qualified coaches.


What discounts will members get in races?


As a club that is registered with Triathlon England, Westcroft Triathlon Club members will receive various discounts. These include reduced membership to triathlon England as well as discounts on many race fee’s as a member of triathlon England.

Registration to Triathlon England is not compulsory, however the benefits of being a member make it worthwhile both financially and competitively. For more information on membership to Triathlon England can be viewed on


What equipment will I need and how much does I cost?


Triathlon can be a sport that can be enjoyed on all budgets, there are lots of kit/ equipment that can be purchased from £100- £10,000 for your bikes. Basic requirements for competing would include a Bike, Swim Suit, Goggles, trainers and a Tri Suit. The clothing required for all outdoor sessions will be determined by the weather, however its always better to have kit to take off rather than getting cold and not having kit to put on.



All the swim sessions are indoor, therefore appropriate swim suits, goggles and water bottles will suffice.



For the indoor cycling session normal gym gear would be fine, however hand towels and plenty of water are recommended.

A Road Bike would be most suitable for the Sunday morning club ride. Puncture repair kits should be brought with you and high visibility clothing is recommended. All participants must wear approved cycle helmets (ANSI Z90.4, SNELL B90, EN 1078 or equivalent national standard).



The type of running shoe you use is crucial, you should always listen to your body, any niggles or pains could be caused my mis-fitting trainers. Hats, Gloves and running jackets are recommended on runs when the ambient temperature is cold. As members of Sutton Runners everyone receives a T Shirt from the club too.


In time we plan to work with local suppliers who will be able to supply valued, impartial advise on all Triathlon Equipment Needs and offer discounts to Westcroft Triathlon Club Members.




If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact the club.