How far is a triathlon?

There are five recognised triathlon distances, as shown below. Note that some events may modify these distances to suit the event venue.



Swim: 400m

Bike: 10km

Run: 2.5km



Swim: 750m

Bike: 20km

Run: 5km

Beginners often select supersprint or sprint distances as their first events.



Swim: 1.5km

Bike: 40km

Run: 10km

This is sometimes referred to as ‘standard distance’. The official distance of the Olympic event, this distance requires a good fitness base.




Bike: 90km

Run: 21.1km

Also referred to as ‘middle distance’ or ’70.3’. Half Ironman events are far more challenging than the shorter distances and sometimes are used as qualifiers for Ironman triathlons. Don't attempt a race at this distance until you've competed in sprint or Olympic distance events.



Swim: 3.8km

Bike: 180km

Run: 42.2km (marathon distance)

Each of the legs alone in this event challenges even the experienced endurance athlete. Enter an Ironman race only after you've had experience in shorter races and completed at least one Half Ironman.


How do I join Westcroft Triathlon Club?

The following link gives details of how to join, along with benefits and fees.



Do you offer membership for under 16s?

Yes, we have a thriving junior section for children aged 9 to 16 years that we call Tri Kids. Details can be found here


Is Westcroft Triathlon Club an Affiliated club?

Yes, the club is affiliated as a Community Club with Triathlon England. More details can be found here https://www.britishtriathlon.org/clubs/club-affiliation. We encourage members to join Triathlon England to benefit from the range of benefits available, including public liability insurance and personal accident cover. More details can be found here https://www.britishtriathlon.org/membership


What qualifications do the club’s coaches have?

Our coaches have a range of qualifications both in triathlon and the single disciplines of swimming, cycling and running. More details can be found here [add link to Coaches section of web site]. In addition they have practical experience of competing at all levels up to Great Britain Age Group.


What standard do you need to be to join the club?

Everyone is welcome, from complete novices to seasoned Age Groupers. All ages and genders are welcome and each session will be adapted to your fitness level and skills by our qualified coaches.


What equipment will I need to start triathlon and how much does it cost?

Triathlon is a sport that can be enjoyed on all budgets. It is recommended that beginners start with basic equipment and then add/upgrade as their interest and ability develops. Basic requirements for training and racing include a bike, helmet, swim suit, goggles, and trainers. 


If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact the club info@westcrofttriathlonclub.com.



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