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Lockdown Tri Team Challenge

Amazing response that we now have 24 teams!! We have tried to keep all teams as fairly balanced as possible.


What I need from each team before you start your challenge is a team captain and a team name if you can discuss these with your new team-mates.

All to do:

·       together agree who does which activity, only one person per activity, if you cannot decide the captains make the final decision

·       you cannot swap activities between team-mates once you start the challenge but you can complete your activities over different days in any order, completing it individually starting from your home. Parents can of course do it alongside their Junior (sorry Parents!)

·       each person must complete their activity in one go, e.g the 20km bike ride must be completed in one ride. Note - this may be difficult to achieve in teams containing two Juniors because of the distances involved. FYI, BTF guidance is a minimum age of 15 for a 20km cycle and 5km run. In these cases, Juniors can complete their activity in two goes e.g a 5km run can be done as 2 x 2.5km runs over different days and a 20km cycle as 2 x 10km cycles

·       bike activity can be completed outdoors or indoors on static bikes / turbo trainers and run activities can be outdoors or on a treadmill



Team Captain to do:

·       be the main point of contact for your team and any team problems only the captains to raise it with Annick

·       encourage team morale

·       to collate team data for each activity and let Annick know your total team time. If that time improves over February (as you can repeat your individual activities) captains to continue updating Annick on your fastest total team time which will be regularly added to a leaderboard for all to review

·       if you want to create a WhatsApp group with your team-mates contact Annick if you don’t know someone’s number. Juniors should only be contacted through their parents. All participants - please contact Annick straight away if you don't want your contact details shared in this way


Please note that you take part in this challenge at your own risk and if you have any questions ask away. The team with the fastest total duathlon time at the end of February is the winner.

Good luck! Annick


Westcroft Leisure Centre,

Westcroft Road,