The Hilly 50

Just for a change this blog is going to feature some actual training... "The Hilly 50" is an annual CTC sportive which is 50 km long and takes in as many of the Surrey hills as possible. In 32 miles there is over 3000 feet of climbing... Our friend Steve ‘the Fly’ (can climb anything) mentioned that he was thinking of doing the Hilly 50, I mentioned it to Dave and it seemed like a good idea. ‘Seemed?’ There were a few little clues to suggest that we should have been a little wary; Friend Steve decided his joints weren’t quite up to it at the moment, on the imperturbable face of Chris Holland we got a full Roger Moore eyebrow raising when we mentioned that we were planning to ride to the s

Rusty and Broken...

The annoying alarm goes off at 5.35am. I don’t leap out of bed, I haven’t leapt out of bed for years, I start flexing my toes, when I start begining to feel them I start rolling my ankles. If I don’t do this there is a real chance that I’ll be unable to stand up without staggering. When I do have to leap out of bed (late night pee etc..) I pitch forward like a toddler taking its first steps, or a sensitive young boy trying his mother’s heels (and no, you’re not allowed to ask) accompanied by the sound of toes clicking like castanets. It’s not just me, I once asked Dave when was the last time he woke up and didn’t have some form of pain. Neither of us could remember when, probably just af


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