Dan & Dave Ironman part 2

Equipment (clutching at straws) I’ve realised, that training for the Ironman there are a few bits and pieces that I need... ‘Need’ is a slightly misleading word, it is more that I think they might help, and by ‘help’ I mean might make a bit of a difference and by ‘a bit’ I mean make all the difference and drag my sorry ass over the line of this ridiculous event. Firstly we’ve done the Maths (I say ‘we’ I mean Steve W, who has looked at the course profile and is much more informed and therefore more worried than me and Dave) and worked out how fast we need to cycle to make the cut off time for the bike section and so I have invested in a secondhand bike computer (prelovedtrigear on facebook)

Doing the Thingy or how Dan and Dave ended up entering an Ironman

Doing the Thingy or how Dan and Dave ended up entering an Ironman Since that evening about 4 years ago when Dave found me in his classroom after school leaping about to an Insanity fitness DVD desperately trying to lose weight and suggested that I try triathlon it has probably always been there. Dave had done loads of spirits and Olympics but never longer. We trained with Michelle Neylon to do the Woburner (half Ironman) and even then we joked about how impossible it was to even think about doing double the distance. The die was cast, the little wiggly worm of thought was there. We then started talking round the subject, just generally about how much training it would take etc.. At some


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