My First Year of Trying to Qualify for the British Age Group

This was my journey to qualify for the British Age Group October 2017 Losing motivation in my training so think maybe I need a remote coach. Realise that I will be 50 next year and on age group so decide to aim at qualifying for the Worlds or Europeans at Standard Distance. Discover, I am a year late (!!) as will be qualifying for the following year but decide to go for it anyway. November 2017 Identify and meet two potential coaches. Decide that Nick lives closer so I could meet him if I need to and he sounds a bit more technical so I pick him. Start getting to grips with how the app Training Peaks works, how Watt Bikes work and a new watch as I smashed mine. Winter 2018 Spent doing long s

The Woburner 2018

I’ve got a history with the Woburner, last year when I felt fit as flea and having trained well I entered the half Ironman event. A week before the race my knee went, I competed anyway but had to quit at the start of the run. It got worse- after a month’s recuperation-on my first bike ride back I got hit by a Land Rover and after a short flight landed on my head. That’s the excuses out of the way onto the race. Rather worried, the weekend of the Woburner had arrived and I’ve had more pies than I’ve done miles, but was still fitter than Dave Clarke who’d torn his calf and wouldn’t be doing the run. The day wasn’t going to be about racing for me it is going to be about survival. The race was


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